Glendale Invisalign

Glendale Invisalign

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Want a well-aligned smile and to maintain your professional appearance? With Glendale Invisalign® , you can have it both ways! Here at Atlas Park Dental, you can count on our experienced team of dental professionals to provide you with the latest options in dental care. We are proud providers of Invisalign, and our orthodontic specialist on staff is equipped to address the comprehensive orthodontic care needs of you and your family members.

If you’re thinking about the benefits of discreet orthodontic treatment with Glendale Invisalign, we welcome your questions and concerns. Our dentists can determine your eligibility for treatment, and walk you through the process of what to expect step-by-step. In a nutshell, treatment begins with by taking diagnostic images of your mouth. This data is then sent to an off-site Invisalign Laboratory where your course of orthodontic treatment will be prescribed. Working in partnership with the Invisalign Laboratory, we will design a course of care that will align your smile according to the exact specifications of your case. Treatment comes in the form of clear, plastic aligners, designed in a successive series to gradually usher your teeth closer and closer to their proper positions. Lightweight, low-profile, and invisible to the naked eye, when it comes to orthodontic treatment, your clear aligners offer the height of discretion and comfort. They can even be completely removed for brief periods, allowing for brushing, flossing, and eating your favorite meals.

With a consultation at our office, we can better determine if you’re a prime candidate for orthodontic treatment with Glendale Invisalign. Our practice makes it easy to benefit from the highest quality dental services as we are open 7 days a week, and have a diligent office staff to help coordinate your scheduling and insurance arrangements. To book your next appointment, call today!

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