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At Atlas Park Dental, it’s the mission of our Glendale dental office to help you and your loved ones smile in the best of health. Offering a sweeping range of specialized dental services for you and your family members, we’re proud to make the highest quality preventive, restorative, pediatric, orthodontic, implant and cosmetic treatments available. If it’s been six months or longer since your last checkup, we welcome you to our office to receive the gentle preventive dental care so critical for your continued oral health.

Preventive dentistry combines professional oversight, education, and personalized treatment services in a targeted attempt to help you establish and maintain excellent oral health. When combined with a consistent oral care regimen at home, routine checkups can drastically reduce the risk of the most common dental conditions. By visiting our Glendale dental office every six months for a comprehensive oral examination and professional teeth cleaning, we can help to keep your oral health on track throughout the year. When you come in for your oral exam, we’ll carefully check on the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw utilizing the most sophisticated diagnostic modalities. This enables us to detect any issues at their earliest, when treatment is most simple. Because plaque buildup is chiefly responsible for the development of cavities and gum disease, we’ll also perform a professional teeth cleaning to expertly remove any plaque from difficult to reach areas of the mouth. You and your loved ones can also expect to receive personalized instruction in the proper methods for brushing and flossing. Our team will take the time to provide you with personalized feedback and address any questions or concerns you may have about maintaining your oral health.

By following a proper oral care regimen at home and scheduling semi-annual checkups at our Glendale dental office, together we can almost entirely eliminate the threat of dental disease. To get on the fast track to establishing and maintaining excellent oral health, schedule your next appointment with us here at Atlas Park Dental today!

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